PeaceSmiths Archives update

February 15, 2008 at 2:27 pm Leave a comment

3 Figures Pastel

Above: A pastel found in the PeaceSmiths, Inc. archives. May be by the artist, Gyula Zilzer. The piece is signed with an initial, and dated 1964.

Teams of people have been sifting through the PeaceSmiths archives, which include more than one location. As interim Coordinator, I am always on hand to make sure nothing valuable gets sent to recycling. We are especially careful with the boxes tied with twine that appear to be from the old PeaceSmiths library, and with posters, and possible artwork.

PeaceSmiths has rented a storage space. And, as boxes are sorted and dusted off, they are sent there to sit in a temperature-controlled-climate until we figure out how to share and preserve them.

In the meantime, many people have boxes and things they were kind enough to store for Susan and PeaceSmiths. If you have PeaceSmiths storage at your home, here is the latest update:

Susan’s sister is willing to help people sort through and pick up personal items of Susan. A few people had boxes of Susan’s clothes or other things like that. Feel free to contact Susan’s sister, or ask someone on the board how to get in touch with her.

If you feel that the things you have stored are probably for the PeaceSmiths archives, please contact the interim Coordinator, who is keeping track of where stuff is. We hope to start collecting things from people’s homes around the beginning of March, and bring important papers to the new storage.

Also, if you know the items you have were “yardsale” items, please keep them for yourself, or discard them. PeaceSmiths has made a financial and logistical decision that we just can’t store yardsale items.

If the items you have are whole newspapers of major media, please discard. (We may be interested in clippings, or out of print papers, especially political/activist ones. But, there are many bags of whole copies of Newsday, and we just can’t save those. They should be archived by Newsday online, anyway.) If you have old chairs, please keep them, sell them, share them if they work. Or, throw them out if they are broken. We have a lot of broken chairs and stools on hand.

With all the clutter, you know there are many wonderful, valuable things that we have found and are storing. We are going to keep posting things at the Archive page on our PeaceSmiths web-site: here.


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