PeaceSmith House: A poem

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Among the PeaceSmiths archives is a program for a 90th Birthday Salute to PeaceSmiths co-founder Katharine Smith. This program was from a previous stage of PeaceSmiths history, when the organization was known as “PeaceSmith House.” There was a split at one point, where the house went to a different group, and some members of our organization created what is now, “PeaceSmiths, Inc.” As PeaceSmiths re-collects ourselves, and has elected a new board, we are reflecting on our vibrant history, and wanted to share a poem from the old days, about a woman whose vision has always been a central part of this organization.

PeaceSmith House

by William Larson

The hand that holds the hammer
in PeaceSmiths House
beats swords into plowshares
and spears into
pruning hooks.

Sparks from a forger’s anvil
fly about the House
like the wings of a dove
about to take flight
from Brooklyn west to
the east end points of
Orient and Montauk.

Overhead white on blue
spells out a call
to arms
linked and locked
as loving legions
march to the beat
of hand and hammer
pounding an anvil
to strike a blow
for peace for all
in the name of Katharine of Long Island.

Smithies of every age rejoice
as well beyond the points
at the outer reach of a seeing eye
Atlantic’s gray womb
each day spawns
a rising heart
to light and warm
the way from
PeaceSmith House to
PeaceSmith World.


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PeaceSmiths election results Biography of Katharine Smith. Social Justice in Long Island.

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