PeaceSmiths booth at Clearwater

June 24, 2008 at 7:41 am 2 comments

PeaceSmiths booth at Clearwater Festival 2008, at left is a painting of Susan June Blake by Ron Thompson

PeaceSmiths Booth at Clearwater Hudson River Revival Festival 2008. In the left corner is the cut-out painting of Susan June Blake created by Amityville artist Ron Thompson.


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Photos and notes from Clearwater Board Member Dori: In the good old days

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  • 1. LancElaNixi (Play Free)  |  June 24, 2008 at 1:29 pm

    To Whomever It Was That Took Plants from the Campground at Croton Point Park after the Clearwater Festival:

    PLEASE BRING OUR PLANTS BACK!!! They were not abandoned!! Their “brothers and sisters” miss them! Thirteen or fourteen of our house plants were taken from the campground after the weekend, possibly on Monday morning. We were STUNNED to find them gone when we went up to fetch them.


    – The Loquat tree (tall furry-leaved in orange plastic pot) was grown from a seed from a fruit eaten when our son was born – eight-and-a-half years ago!!!

    – The large rose bush was given to me on Valentine’s Day in 2003!!

    – The tiny rose in the rectangular terra cotta pot was a Valentine’s gift from this year.

    – The dark purple shamrock in the ceramic bowl was gifted to us as a road trip present by kind strangers we met on one of our journeys (the bowl was made for us by a dear friend). You are welcome to keep a few shamrock bulbs for your own garden.

    – The baby laurel tree I’ve had since it was tiny.

    – I am too distraught to remember who else was taken!!!

    Most of the plants you took are tropical and will not survive the cold Northeast winter!!!

    We will be in New York for the next few months. PLEASE arrange with us to have the plants returned.


    Lance Hatcher

    Elan, eight-and-a-half years old
    Please contact my mom or dad soon!

    Nixi Rosenberry

  • 2. peacesmiths  |  June 24, 2008 at 2:10 pm

    From the editors: Hope you find your plants. I hope that it was a misunderstanding and someone will return them to you. Or, they will realize how important they are to you.

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