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I just thought of something. An old rule of thumb for teachers making lessons, is that you open…teach the lesson…and close. The opening and the closing helps create focus and a remembering. Maybe we should think of that more with our gatherings and events. 1. Opening: planning and publicity 2. The lesson: sharing/learning 3. The end: Networking afterwards (the parking lot scene, the diner) and/or report to the community.

I believe that activists and peace folks don’t always celebrate our work enough, or slow down to review our achievements and creations.

So, anyway, here is (part of) the close of the PeaceSmiths event:

Kimberly’s informal, December PeaceSmiths Coffeehouse report:

-We had a great flier by artist/musician Gary Ivan. It was original art of Santa playing guitar. Used some as hand-to-hand fliers, and some to post and send around on-line.

-There were at least 5 new people I counted! I think that is awesome. One was a young man who came early, and was there to catch George Mann. It was a cozy crowd for a freezing night. Probably around 30 people, and definitely enough to feel like the room was full and it was worth making the coffee!

-George Mann played a full set at the beginning, and a wrap-up set after the open mic. It was gracious of him to stay for the whole open mic. (We like when performers do that.) I was busy, so I didn’t hear all the music. But, it was good. There is a beautiful new song about the effect of war on children. George commented that it feels different not having Julius on stage…

George’s new CD that is a compilation of songs about veteran’s, “Until You Come Home” is going to be out probably next week, and he is taking orders. Then, he will have a new solo CD coming out soon.

-The poet was Kathaleen Donnelly. She never performed at PeaceSmiths before. She has a book, “PAUMANOK: Poems and Pictures of Long Island.” She was well received. She has a few of her own poems and pictures in the book. There are refreshing images of nature on Long Island. Lots of glowing beauty in the performer and the book.

Two other poets shared poems as part of her presentation: Max Wheat and  Stu McCallum (one of the new faces last night.)

Max Wheat read his poem in progress that explores the fact that he thinks Obama is a very wise, thoughtful person, but that it is disconcerting that men are still dying in an unjust war.

Max’s poem mentioned the “just war” theory, so someone got on stage later to do a dissertation on the fact that there is no such thing as a just war.

Our Libertarian friend read a global-warming denial song/poem. (I would say that most of the PeaceSmiths community believes in global warming. And, we care enough about the environment to support various measures to limit carbon, and reduce pollution.)

We lit the first candle of the menorah, in respect for the fact that it was Chanukah.

John Keenan did a great job MC-ing. John also played mandolin in the open mic. A rare treat. (I have youtube of that to go up in next couple of weeks.)

Kari did her first stage appearance with her newly written poem/advertisement for Premik’s band Bangalore Breakdown. It was awesome!

All of this was filmed by John Phillips and will play on public access tv sometime in the next month or so.

Photos and video will go up here soon.

Would love feedback or reports from anyone else who was there!


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Fri. Dec 11th: George Mann and Kathaleen Donnelly at the coffeehouse! PeaceSmiths Archives: A garden scene

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