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PeaceSmiths was founded in 1972. PeaceSmiths is involved in community organizing for peace and justice. We do projects related to education, activism, culture and mutual help. PeaceSmiths, Inc. is a non-profit, tax-exempt organization.

From our statement of purpose:

“To assist in discovering and promoting peaceful alternatives to war and promoting and protecting the civil rights, civil liberties and well-being of all people regardless of race, color or creed.”

PeaceSmiths is a non-profit, membership organization. Kimberly Wilder is the Volunteer Communications Coordinator.

PeaceSmiths runs a hotline for activists, at phone number: (631) 798-0778.

Our mailing address is:

PO Box 312
Massapequa, NY 11758

Our email address is: peacesmiths at yahoo dot com

To get booked for the coffeehouse, email: peacesmiths AT yahoo DOT com

The Chair of our Archives Committee is Kimberly Wilder. Please contact Kimberly with input, requests, or ideas for our archives. Lists of peace and justice libraries or organizations who may accept archives would be helpful. Kimberly can be reached at: peacesmiths at yahoo dot com

FAQ on Vegetarianism: (See post with more info: here). Many of our members or attendees are vegetarian or vegan. So, we strive to serve vegetarian dishes, with at least some vegan choices, at our events.

FAQ on Grant applications:

The PeaceSmiths’ board has created the following policy – “All grant applications will be reviewed and signed by the Treasurer and at least one other board member.”

FAQ on Comments:

The PeaceSmiths, Inc. web-site is a new experiment. We have decided to keep the comments opened up for sharing and reflection. Though, we do review comments before posting. At this time, our policy is to not advertise events that are not PeaceSmiths-related activities. We are also very careful about where we link, and we do ask you to use your own judgment and care in following links from this site (we can’t be responsible for outside links.) We accept comments which: are related to PeaceSmiths issues or events; do not contain hate-messages; do not promote non-PeaceSmiths related activities; link to PeaceSmiths-related websites. Thanks.

Please submit calendar items or links via e-mail for review to: peacesmiths@yahoo.com. peacesmiths at yahoo dot com.

About our history:

Under Susan’s coordination, PeaceSmiths and PeaceSmith House organized, housed and/or incubated many other projects and organizations, including: Nassau WILPF (Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom), LIGALY, SEADS energy project, LI Friends of Clearwater, The Freeze, Civil Disobedience Training/Draft Counseling. Here is an old listing of what the PeaceSmithies were working on:

Copyright Information:

PeaceSmiths, Inc. is sharing some items our artists created, and some from other organizations that we are not claiming a copyright to. We consider posting here to be fair use for the educational purposes of our non-profit organization. Please contact the original artist or copyright holder if you would like to reproduce. Please contact PeaceSmiths, Inc. about using our artwork.


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