The Chair of our Archives Committee is Kimberly Wilder. Please contact Kimberly with input, requests, or ideas for our archives. Lists of peace and justice libraries or organizations who may accept archives would be helpful. You may reach Kimberly at… peacesmiths at yahoo dot com

Click on the topics below to peruse the many aspects of our archives.

About PeaceSmiths and its staff, volunteers, community

Buttons and Artifacts

Civil Rights and Undoing Racism

The Cow Game (link to post)

Feminism and WILPF

International Issues

Jewish Themes and Publications (also, see International Issues)


PeaceSmiths Fliers by PeaceSmiths Artists

Record albums and poster art


Valued businesses: Yoga, Vegetarian Restaurants, etc.

What do you hope to find in the PeaceSmiths archives? What do you hope to preserve? In the future, this page will have more information about how to help preserve the archives. (For now, we are just dusting them off and moving them to safe storage.)

Will share some interesting discoveries with you, as we come upon treasures from the garage…

3 Figures Pastel

Above: Found this in a frame in the archives. A pastel with 3 figures. I believe that it could be from the artist “Gyula Zilzer” It is signed ” To dear Eugene with friendship S. Zilzer 64″ The first initial is an odd figure that may be a Cyrillic “G”.

Orange Pastel

Above: Found this in a frame in the archives. I believe that it could be from the artist “Gyula Zilzer” It is signed ” To Eugene With friendship Zilzer 1966″

Susan’s notes

Above: Notepad from the PeaceSmiths garage. Looks like Susan’s own notes on corporate accountability, with web-site references, book ideas, and strategies.

Two images below: First the back, then the front of a PeaceSmiths postcard. Some PeaceSmiths humorous reflections in the fact, that the peace dove is carrying a banner asking people if they have more storage. PeaceSmiths had many storage places and borrowed many people’s homes for storage. The board and is trying to seek out storage spots, look through things, collected what is useful. Contact Kimberly Wilder or the board if you are ready to have your things picked up. We are very interested in old artwork, political books, or important papers. We are willing to help you look through and let go of broken chairs, whole newspapers, etc.

Basement to attic side 2
Basement to attic side 1
Yard sale flier (c) PeaceSmiths and original artist

Above: Yard sale flier from one of PeaceSmiths famous fundraising yard sales.

16th Annual

Above: From 1997, 16th PeaceSmiths Annual International Folk Dance Folk Music Fundraising Garden Party flier. At the home of the Cortes-Obers. With Edith Jason and Jules Bender as the dance leaders. And, lots of other performers.


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