International Issues


Above: Undated booklet including a historical statement on Iran. Explains concerns about the Shah being in the United States. “Americans: What You Should Know about the present crisis in U.S.-Iranian relations” Signed by Abulhasan Ban-Sadr, Acting Foreign Minister, Islamic Republic of Iran
A booklet published by: Muslim Students Association (Persian Speaking Group) of the United States and Canada”


From 1985: A Middle East discussion series presented by Peace Smith House.
Lists Margie Carr and David Hacker among presenters. One of the event titles is “Viable Paths to a Two State Solution”

Below: July 1985. The Other Israel. Editor Adam Keller. Includes the famous ink stamp for Peace Smith House in the top right corner. Susan Blake loved to collect and share literature, and to credit Peace Smith House, and then PeaceSmiths, Inc. as the one sharing. Literature from many organizations has the PeaceSmiths seal.

People around the world fear “nuclear.” Though, it is a particularly important issue for the Japanese people, who experienced the nuclear bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Some Japanese demonstrators gifted PeaceSmiths with some interesting buttons and artifacts. Here are some of them:

Anit-nuclear items from Japan

Anit-nuclear items from Japan

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