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Message for 2010 November Elections
in New York:

Tuesday, November 2, 2010 is Election Day in NY.
Please vote!


Previous Election Messages

Tuesday, November 3rd 2009 is Election Day. The polls are open in NY from 6am to 9pm.

2009 brings mostly local elections, including many Suffolk County countywide and town elections.

PeaceSmiths believes that part of democracy means that voters should have a choice on the ballot. There will be many races in Long Island where there is only one candidate on the ballot for an office. In those instances, PeaceSmiths suggests that voters write-in.*

The New York State Board of Elections:

The Nassau County Board of Elections:

The Suffolk County Board of Elections:


Ballot Access News is a web-site run by election activist Richard Winger. It is a non-partisan web-site that follow issues of ballot access rights and ballot access lawsuits and decisions:


* How-To Do A Write In Vote In NY

There are questions about which machines will be in use on November 2, 2009. If they are the old machines, here is how you do a write in: Find the row you will do a write-in for. Look at the top, at the slanted slot. Pull back the lever to reveal a piece of paper. Write in your choice on the paper. You should be able to ask the election monitors for help.

We will keep a look out for instructions on new machines, if they are being used. But, you can always ask an election monitor for help.


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