PeaceSmiths has always believed that being informed and aware is an important part of activism. One of the early PeaceSmiths/Susan Blake sayings was that “PeaceSmiths strives to turn activists into researchers, and researchers into activists.” What better place to start than with a careful study of good, news sources?

PeaceSmiths also dislikes corporate news sources, and new sources with ties to unjust monopolies and negative viewpoints. So, we discourage dependence on those regular newspapers and TV news shows, and encourage the use of alternative news sources such as…

Recommended Sources for News

Common Dreams: On-line; international news

Democracy Now!: Pacifica Radio, other tv and radio sources, and on-line; war and peace, international issues

Huffington Post: On-line; journal, blog, collection of news and opinion

Indy Media Centers/US with local listings: On-line; gathers news items directly from the activist community
Indy Media Center/NYC (our closest local)

The Nation: In print weekly and on-line; a critical, independent voice in American journalism.

WBAI 99.5FM in NY: Radio and on-line

WPKN 88.7FM Montauk (etc.): Radio

WUSB 90.1FM in Stony Brook: Radio and on-line


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