From our statement of purpose:

“To assist in discovering and promoting peaceful alternatives to war and promoting and protecting the civil rights, civil liberties and well-being of all people regardless of race, color or creed.”


There is so much work to do, in the effort to make the world a more just and more peaceful place. PeaceSmiths is (happily) barraged with requests for sponsorships, endorsements, and help. This list is a guide for us in addressing these requests. Please have patience with us as we do our best to divide our time and resources effectively.

-PeaceSmiths sponsored events. [ie: PeaceSmiths initiated events, such as the Coffeehouse, Forum and leafletting where we lead the organizing.]

-Activist events or demonstrations of organizations of which we are coalition members
-Activist events or demonstrations of other organizations

-Petitions for legislative actions

-Lectures, research, or issues presentations of organizations we are in coalition with
-Lectures, research, or issues presentations of other organizations

-Cultural events of organizations we are in coalition with
-Cultural events of other organizations

PeaceSmiths as a whole, and the board’s time and the staff’s time and energy will keep these priorities in mind.


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