PeaceSmiths, Inc. is a non-profit, membership organization. We need you! Please become a dues-paying member. Paying dues helps support our programming and all of our work for peace and justice, and also enables you to participate in Membership Meetings and Elections for Board. Your contributions are tax-deductible.

Dues (and donations) should be sent to the PeaceSmiths post office box:

PeaceSmiths, Inc.

PO Box 312

Massapequa, NY 11758


The dues are $20 for an individual. If you pay these dues now, you will be a member from August 31, 2013 to August 31, 2014.

Dues Chart

$20 regular dues for an individual.
$5 regular dues for other members of the household who wish to be listed as dues-paying, voting members.

For a low income dues option, please find a dues sheet at a PeaceSmiths event, and/or contact the Coordinator or a Board Member.

Please write “dues” as a notation on your check. Please include your name, address, phone and e-mail, so we can keep in touch and inform you of meetings and events.

Please call us with any questions or concerns. The PeaceSmiths hotline is (631) 798-0778.


PeaceSmiths Board Elections 2011:

The PeaceSmiths Annual Membership Meeting was held on Tuesday, July 19th 2011.

Board Elections are currently in process. We will elect FOUR seats this election.

Nominated and accepted the nomination are:

Margie Carr
Robert Langley
Daniel Levin

All voting will be done via postal mail.
Members with a snail mail address on file will receive a ballot in the mail.
Ballots must be returned, postmarked August 30, 2011.


Our current 2010-2011 PeaceSmiths, Inc. Board Members are:

Margie Carr
Robert Langley
Daniel Levin
Ed Williams


Our 2009-2010 PeaceSmiths, Inc. Board Members were:

Margie Carr
Doriane Gloria
Judy Sanford Guise
Sonny Meadows
Ed Williams


Background and thoughts from some past and present PeaceSmiths, Inc. Board Members

Margie Carr

I am Marjorie Carr, and I have been an active member of PeaceSmiths for over 30 years and knew Katharine Smith our Quaker founder and Susan Blake, who dedicated her life to PeaceSmiths. I believe in the PeaceSmiths mission of having an umbrella for many issues , especially peace and justice, such as racism, sexism, anti war, gender rights, etc. Each member has his or her own right about each issue. In light of our Quaker founder, we are bound to nonviolence, which we all believe in. Katharine used to say that a person convinced against their will is of the same mind still. Before Susan died she made us promise that some things from our Quaker beginnings, such as no gambling and no raffles, would be used for PeaceSmiths.

After Susan died, I, with others on the Board have been working to keep PeaceSmiths alive and having a good future, especially in her memory. I want to be on the PeaceSmiths Board, because I want to help the organization prosper and grow. I have an e-list which helps disseminate our events and others that we support. I also attend all PeaceSmiths Coffeehouses and care for the wonderful community we have. In previous years, PeaceSmiths would have young people come with a facilitator to learn nonviolence if they were going to a demonstration and taught them how to act under situations, for themselves and others. I hope we can set up workshops in the future, because I think many young people have not had been trained.

I would also like to see committees such as Coffee House Forum to help with all our events. I hope to be able to help.

Daniel Levin

Daniel Levin is currently serving as the Treasurer of the PeaceSmiths Board. He is a long-time PeaceSmiths supporter from Lindenhurst.

Ed Williams

My political biography
1968 McCarthy Campaign – 1st awakening, break with family’s rigid, Long Island outlook.
1969-70 Moratorium – Student Mobilization Com’s, D.C.. Demos, etc.
1971-72 MCGovern campaign, like all who went thru this experience, one went in, as a hopeful youth, came out committed, for life.. But, a forever cynic?!!!
Ramsey Clark for Senate 1974
Mark Green for Senate 1986
Kucinich for President 2004
[Labor: Former Board Member C.S.E.A.. Local 830 N.U.M.C. Unit, waste of one’s time, unit is Republican Party front]
WBAI Supporter, PeaceSmiths involved, PeaceSmiths 1991 to present.

What I would bring, in general, is the desire for the niche PeaceSmiths fills, in the spirit of Susan Blake and the future, for PeaceSmiths to continue.


Doriane Gloria

I have served on the Board of PeaceSmiths, Inc. since 1980. I have been an active member and Treasurer during this time, with the exception of only a few years absence. I became active in PeaceSmiths while still in high school through my involvement with the anti-nuclear movement. I co-founded (along with Susan Blake) the Nassau branch of the Women’s International League for Peace & Freedom. Among other things, I have been active in pro-choice programs, helped organize many PeaceSmiths ’“peace trains,” and managed the kitchen at a number of PeaceSmiths folkdances. I worked closely with PeaceSmiths’ founder, Katharine Smith, and was her main contact from the organization for a number of years. Currently, I am active in animal rights issues and serve as chair of “Kindness for Kitties,” a feral advocacy project.

I am an experienced human resources professional with administrative skills, managerial background and leadership abilities.

My interests in the areas mentioned above continue to this day. I believe that my many years of history with PeaceSmiths and my professional background would serve the organization in a number of ways, both in terms of shaping our vision as well as working through the various practical and administrative issues that regularly arise.

Judy Sanford Guise

Background: A union member when I was five years old–I was a performer during the “Golden Days of Television” and on Broadway; a former leader of the NYS women’s movement; and community activist, including CD in front of the South African Mission to free Nelson Mandela, clinic defense coordinator, as well as a candidate for NYS Assembly and Senate.

Over the past 20-year+ as a PeaceSmiths’ activist, I have served as Board member, Forum panelist, speaker contact source, Coffee House performer, and Folkdance food server, and often a reluctant dishwasher after PeaceSmiths events. I was recruited onto the Board by Susan Blake to provide governance and government relations knowledge, as well as fundraising expertise.

With 35+ years volunteer and board service for a wide range of non-profits along with 30+ years professional expertise and staff experience in nonprofit management, I am a consultant to small membership organizations in the areas of membership, marketing, communications, fundraising, meetings, and technology in nonprofit management.

Professional training: M.S.W. concentration in community organizing and social administration; Certificate in Fundraising Management. Professional designation as Certified Association Executive (CAE) for demonstrating professional expertise and continuing education in leading nonprofit organizations.

I hope to once again serve as a Board member in order to contribute my skills in organizational development, leadership, strategic/visionary thinking, fundraising, program development, team building, event planning, marketing, membership, database management and desktop publishing, as well as my energy and sense of humor.

And I am committed to moving PeaceSmiths forward at the same time as respecting Susan Blake’s expressed wishes for PeaceSmiths to continue its dedication to activism for peace, social and economic justice.

Sonny Meadows

My basic college education and training was in Speech Pathology in which I hold a B.A. and M.A. I went on further to obtain a second M.A. in School Administration and Supervision. For the past 22 years, I have worked as an executive in a not-for-profit organization that provides advocacy, housing, education and healthcare for children and adults with developmental disabilities. In this position, I have become very well acquainted with the difficulties and joys of operating a not-for-profit – financial management, fundraising, board recruitment, by-laws, community awareness, strategic planning, government lobbying, and most importantly articulating and maintaining a clear mission and vision for the future. I believe my knowledge and experience can be instrumental in furthering the goals of PeaceSmiths.

Though I make my living as a not-for-profit executive, I live my life as a topical singer-songwriter dedicated to promoting progressive thought and action. Upon being drafted in 1967 and sent to Viet Nam, I had first hand experience in the insanity of war and social injustice. Upon my return, I was an active member of the Viet Nam Veteran’s Against War where I was part the speakers bureau attending high school programs throughout the Island and testifying at Winter Soldier investigations. Since then, music has been my tool as I attempt to raise spirits and consciousness to promote peace and justice. I’m proud to say I am the composer of the theme song for PeaceSmiths television program.

I’ve been married for 38 years to a wonderful and understanding woman, Pamela, and have two musically talented sons Eli and Jake.

I would be most interested in participating on the Board to help move PeaceSmiths forward, resolve conflicts and assist in financial management of the organization. I would use my contacts and resources to assist in the planning of entertainment events and recruiting talent for the PeaceSmiths Coffee House.

Thanks for this opportunity to serve a vital community organization.



  • 1. Priscilla Felia  |  January 25, 2008 at 10:51 pm

    Thank You to all the people who made the celebration of Susan’s life so special. It was truly wonderful down to the last detail – just like Susan would have liked.

    With so many unique friends of hers sharing their particular history of her with those of us who attended, we got to appreciate her even more and it helped us to ease our pain as she came alive for us through the many stories each person shared.

    It was truly a beautiful ceremony and I am deeply touched by the care and thought that went into each and every aspect of the day. I can’t thank you all enough for your great efforts which gave much solace to me. Susan really had the best group of friends, cohorts, comrades, co-workers and accomplices! People who bring out the best in each other with their loving kindness and humanity. It surely is a wonderful circle of people.

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  • 3. gayle d  |  February 28, 2008 at 7:39 am

    hi, my condolences to susan and Lisa, they will be missed but never forgotten
    cherub improv
    will be interested in performing

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